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August 2021 Astrology Forecast

Astrological bit :

Sun in fixed sign of Leo a fire sign until the 23rd.

Sun in mutable sign of Virgo an earth sign from 23rd.

Outer planets :

Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

Uranus moves retrograde in Taurus on the 20th.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

Inner planets:

Mercury direct in Leo until the 12th then moves into Virgo until the 30th then on the 31st moves into Libra.

Venus in Virgo till the 17th then moves into Libra.

Mars in Virgo.

New Moon in Leo on the 8th August at 16 degrees 14’

Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on 22nd August at 29 degrees and 37’ a blue moon moon conjunct Jupiter. Mars, Mercury trine Uranus.

Mercury in Leo square Uranus on 4th

Venus in Virgo trine Uranus on 3rd

Sun square Uranus on the 7th first 10 days. Sun Uranus square.

Mercury opposition Jupiter on the 11th

Mercury trine Pluto on the 26th

“Change your perspective “

We’re in Leo season until the 23rd, so this fiery fixed energy will be igniting our creative passions. The sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd, bringing in more reflective and flexible energy.

With 4 retrograde planets this month, and 5 from the 20th, when Uranus joins in this retrograde motion, we have golden opportunities to reflect, regroup and look at how much we’ve achieved in the last few months. Think about what you need to let go of, to allow the new to come in, by moving with the flow of this energy you’ll be ready to embrace your future, when the outer planets go Direct again during October.

For the first couple of weeks the Sun moves through Leo, making a hard square to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet that wakes us up. The sun is our very soul, our health our life. With this challenging energy for the first 2 weeks of August, especially around the 7th, we need to take time out and be mindful and kind to ourselves and each other. The summer heat can be ignited by the Uranus energy of rebellion, disruption and sudden change, so it’s important to respond to situations rather than react. This clash of fixed energy, means we can get drawn into stalemate situations and stubbornness. So the message for the first half of August is stay cool.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 20th in Taurus. It’s quite likely as it retraces it’s steps, that we will see more volatility in the world economy. Because of the unpredictable element of Uranus it’s hard to see how it’s retrograde motion may disrupt things. However, we may also see more breakthroughs in treatments for Covid, especially long Covid, and breakthroughs with regard to the various vaccines, and an upgraded super vaccine that promises relief from lockdown in the coming winter.

The New Moon in Leo on the 8th, conjunct Mercury, could bring much needed breakthroughs but with an opposition from retrograde Saturn, there’s is a need for caution before acting too hastily.

Mercury makes an opposition to retrograde Jupiter in Pisces around the 11th. Misleading news could emerge, and by the time Mercury trines retrograde Pluto on the 26th, we could see more public figures removed from power. On a personal level this energy asks you to be mindful of searching for supportive evidence, before making sweeping statements. Check your facts before acting. If you follow this route then tricky situations can transform in a positive way.

We have a Full Sturgeon Moon on the 22nd in Aquarius, and this is also known as a Blue Moon. This happens when we get two full moons in the same Zodiac sign. So July’s full moon was in the very early degrees of Aquarius and this full moon falls in the very last degree of Aquarius. This full moon is conjunct Jupiter, which expands everything it touches so this could be yet another pretty intense full moon. So leading up to this full moon be mindful that your emotions may feel exaggerated, and take time out to meditate on how far you’ve come, and on the opportunities that will present themselves, even if you can’t sense yet what they may be, for you to move confidently forward with dreams you never thought could really manifest.

August is a month of steady progress, and if you’re mindful to go at the speed that the Divine is showing you, you can achieve a lot behind the scenes, sewing the seeds of what you wish to manifest in the Autumn.

To hear more head to my YouTube channel, for not only the overview, but to see how each individual Zodiac sign will fare in August.

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