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APRIL 6th Full Moon in Libra 04:34 16°07”

Emotional healing

Healing is achievable when we let go of the outcome.

Saturn in Pisces sextile Mercury in Taurus

Mars in Cancer sextile the North Node in Taurus

Sun in Aries conjunct Chiron in Aries

Sun in Aries conjunct Jupiter in Aries.

Pluto in Aquarius square the nodes


Faith, harmony, love, relationship, balance, and agreement as opposed to assertion, energy, anger, disagreement, passion, and sexuality. These are the two polarities of the energies represented by the Full Moon in Libra. The Moon represents the feeling and intuitive side of our nature and in Libra, it brings out the mother archetype and our wish to procreate through the sexuality of Aries ruled by Mars now in Cancer ruled by the moon. Conception and procreation are the symbolic expressions of a loving union. The Full Moon can represent the swollen belly and the release and letting go as a new soul is born. Aries, where the Sun our life force is residing is, of course in opposition to the Moon, but the sun is also conjunct with Chiron our asteroid known as the wounded healer and our planet of expansion Jupiter. Saturn in Pisces is sextile to Mercury in Taurus suggesting that timing is needed for relationship discussions and growth. Transformational Pluto in Aquarius is squaring both the North and the South Node implying that decisions to do with relationships are karmic and life-changing through the energy of this Full Moon. There is a metaphor contained in the image of pregnancy and relationship growth. Let's see how this can play out on the planet.


There's no doubt harmony, balance and patient timing are needed to smooth the troubled areas of fighting and aggression currently at play on our planet. And expansive Jupiters' close proximity to our feisty dwarf planet Eris adds to the passionate feelings of the masses as they continue to protest for what is right. With this Full Moon so close to the celebration of Easter it's more than likely that various world spiritual leaders represented by Saturn in Pisces in the 12th house in sextile to our planet of communication Mercury in Taurus will be imploring the collective to work for peace on all levels and the metaphor of pregnancy with this Full Moon gives us a hint to what can develop within if we strive to achieve balance, harmony and healing through Chiron the raw open wounds that abound currently on the planet. This Full Moon gives us a wonderful point in time to collectively intend the end to fighting and disputes. The metaphor of pregnancy is that for peace to grow it will take time for the new to come in.


Where might you be polarised in personal relationships? Where are you caught in a stalemate situation? What could you do to help yourself in your dealings with others and also yourself? Where are harmony and balance missing? Are you caught in polarised thinking? Stubbornly refusing to look at alternative viewpoints. What can you give birth to in your relationships that encourage less aggression and more harmony? Do you listen to the other? Do you listen to the voice of reason within?

The sextile from Saturn to Mercury gives you a chance to ground your thoughts as maybe some of these thoughts are unrealistic or paranoid. This Full Moon gives you the opportunity to begin again with relationships and heal the past.


New life, new thoughts, and new relationships are all possible when we let go. Aries represents the “I” the ego and to have healthy relationships with another has to start with the healing of our soul and psyche thus enabling us to let go of the outcome and establish first of all that true relationship with the self.

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