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APRIL 20th New Moon in Aries TOTAL Solar Eclipse 04:12 29°49”

Timing is everything

Seek to know yourself without judgement


New Moon in Aries square Pluto in Aquarius

Saturn in Pisces sextile North Node in Taurus

Neptune in Pisces conjunct ascendant in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces square MC in Capricorn

Pluto in Aquarius square both North and South Nodes Taurus\Scorpio


This is an extraordinarily powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse that marks a point in time for changes that will affect us both personally and collectively for many years to come. Part of the impact of this event is due to Pluto, our planet of transformation, standing in the open doorway between two worlds. The world of the old order and of traditions and outdated rules, Capricorn, and the new world offered by, Aquarius, of freedom and life changing events. Both individually and collectively. But it's not just the dawning of a new age represented by Plutos move into Aquarius it's the fact that for around the next 18 months Pluto will be squaring both the North Node our destiny in Taurus and the South Node our karmic past in Scorpio. But why is this so significant? Well, it sets the scene for the next 20 or so years. As we experience extraordinary changes in industry and technology along with A.I. And the collective consciousness or we could say Carl Jungs collective unconscious or shall we say both will see and understand the frequency of the mind in the sense of how we tune into higher frequencies and sense dimensional realities as yet invisible to the naked eye. This will become an accepted capacity of the human mind as our understanding of the power of the human mind becomes commonplace and accepted and utilised. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in the final degrees of Aries is the trigger point. As it also Squares Pluto due to the axis of the Nodes.


Whatever events unfold around the energy of this eclipse the repercussions will be life long. With Mars in Cancer square Chrion in Aries, and, by the 24th Jupiter will be conjunct Eris in Aries. The accumulative effect of these energies is likely to bring various fractious parts of the world to boiling point. Like Ukraine, Iran, Northern Ireland to name but a few. Jupiter our planet of luck and opportunity meets up with Eris every 12 years. Syria was very much in the headlines 12 years ago and I'm sure none of us believed this conflict could still be happening now. In countries where the community are rebelling against the establishment for better pay and conditions then the Jupiter Eris conjunction could see mass walk outs and general strikes. And once again this is caused by the New Moon Solar eclipse trigger point. The world economy will be floundering as Uranus moves into virgin territory in Taurus and continues to challenge our values and traditional banking systems.


Eclipses only have a personal significant effect if they are within a tight orb of significant points in your natal chart and transits. So don't be fearful or allow your imagination to run away with you

In general it's a profoundly uplifting New Moon offering transformation. If we're willing to pay the price. Personal growth and desired new beginnings in life come at a price. I draw your attention to Neptune in Pisces conjunct the ascendant of the event chart and transiting Saturn in Pisces making a harmonious sextile to the North Node in Taurus. The message being that dreams are attainable but there's a price to pay and timing is key.


So, don't give up as it's often that final mile that takes the longest. But the energy of this New Moon tells us to pay the price required to go that extra mile as it will be worth it.

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