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2023 Ultimate Overview

Bring it On.

Leave the past where it belongs and embrace the new.

Astrological stuff

Mercury retrograde Dec 29th until Jan 18th in Capricorn

....................................April 21st until May 15th in Taurus

.....................................August 23rd until September 15th in Virgo

.....................................December 13th in Capricorn until January 2nd in Sagittarius

Venus retrograde July 23rd in Leo until September 4th in Leo

Mars retrograde October 30th in Gemini 2022 until January 12th 2023 in Gemini

Jupiter retrograde September 4th in Taurus until December 31st in Taurus

Saturn retrograde June 17th in Pisces until November 4th in Pisces

Uranus retrograde August 24th 2022 until Jan 22nd 2023 in Taurus

Uranus retrograde August 29th 2023 till January 27th 2024 in Taurus

Neptune retrograde June 30th in Pisces until Dec


Pluto retrograde May 1st in Aquarius till October 11th in Capricorn


April 20th Solar eclipse Aries

May 5th Lunar eclipse Scorpio

October 14th Solar eclipse Libra

October 28th Lunar Eclipse Taurus


Maybe the question on most peoples lips is will this year be better than the twists and turns of the last 3 years? The event chart shows us that this will indeed be a transformational year and see the emergence of stronger feminine energy. Venus our planet of the feminine is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn as the year starts and retrograde Mercury is also conjunct both Venus and Pluto. It shows hard work but that a dedication to a cause brings triumph.

Sometimes with Neptune still in Pisces direct as the year starts we may feel as if we're treading water and getting nowhere fast but with Jupiter now direct in Aries it will not be long before we find the energy to face the challenges of the forthcoming year and maybe see our financial situation improving especially once Jupiter glides in to Taurus on 16th May which governs money. March is a significant month this year as Saturn our planet of rules moves finally out of Aquarius thus well away from the challenging Saturn Uranus square which we endured over the past 2 years. So on March 7th Saturn moves into Pisces. With it's entry into this mutable water sign it has begun the final couple of years of it's 28 year approx journey round the zodiac. We're given opportunities if we work with the events that Saturn brings up for us to end situations that no longer serve us and to look at what we can intuitively try out as we endeavour to create different structures in our lives to take things forward. The other significant change of pace this year comes from transformational Pluto finally dipping it's toes into Aquarius to just have a look round and sense the energies of his new home from 2024 for the next 20 or so years. What can we expect? An opportunity for the community at large to transform on many levels the causes they feel passionately about. I think we will see huge technological advances and as Saturn will be in Pisces I sense that research done into distance healing, psychic abilities and telepathy for example will become more prominently accepted as evidence based due to research into sound waves and vibrational frequency. Pluto slips back into Capricorn on June 11th until next year but will most certainly have left his calling card. We have 4 eclipses this year during April and May both Aries and Scorpio experience eclipses. And during October both Libra and Taurus experience eclipses.


So let's have a look at the world stage and it's hotspots to see what we may expect.

How about the world economy? Well the year starts on a slightly sombre note but I do feel that from the Spring onwards the general situation will ease a bit. Between January and August Uranus will be direct so there may be a slightly more optimistic outlook but when Uranus goes retrograde at the end of August we may see a bit more volatility during the second half of the year.

What about Ukraine? Well with Jupiter now in Aries it can enflame the energy and again the month that stands out as being particularly significant is March especially when Jupiter is conjunct Chiron when serious discussions on Ukraines future become highlighted once more.

Iran may be the country to watch this year as the rise of feminine energy pushes the establishment to change especially with Plutos brief visit to Aquarius during March through to June.


The most significant shift you'll notice is the movement of 3 of the outer planets this year namely Saturn into Pisces. And Pluto into Aquarius in March. And of course Jupiter in Aries until mid May when it moves into Taurus. Saturn in Pisces helps us connect with our intuitive side from a discerning and evidence based position. It's very much a time for us to find and set our own boundaries and take personal responsibility and not depend on an authority figure setting them for us. A time perhaps when we need to show more grown up and adult discipline like buying less plastic, eating less rubbish, watching our carbon footprint as we become more aware of the climate change problem and that turning a personal blind eye just won't cut it. Pluto’s move into Aquarius shows us a glimpse of the transformation that can take place worldwide if we each do our own bit. And Jupiters swift passage through Aries may exhaust some of us but we can enjoy a slower pace and maybe more financial flexibility when Jupiter moves into Taurus in mid May.


The answer is yes! This year will feel significantly different to the last 3 years. Will it be better? Well ultimately that's up to us individually and how we choose to deal with the hand were dealt. It's certainly a year where optimism, discipline and good boundaries are rewarded. There's no doubt that the last 3 years have taught us to live in the present and to manage the unpredictability of life and that if we can manage living with uncertainty then ultimately we win.

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