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Download The How To Read Your Birth Chart Mini Course Today For Just €19.99

Start your astro learning journey today and receive Penny's popular How To Read Your Birth Chart Mini Course.  This digital download includes simple and beautifully presented teachings of the basics of Astrology, which will start you on your journey to understanding your own Birth Chart. Plus it includes exclusive videos where Penny helps to fast track this learning.

This course is usually priced at €39 but you can download it today for just €19.99 for a limited time only.  

"How To Read Your Birth Chart".

You Will Learn:

Lesson 1

  • The twelve Zodiac Signs and their characteristics

  • The difference between Sun Signs and Moon Signs

  • The importance of The Rising Sign in Astrology

Lesson 2

  • The Planets and their meanings

  • The difference between Inner and Outer Planets

  • The importance of Retrograde Planets in Astrology

  • An introduction to the Asteroids and Dwarf Planets

Lesson 3

  • 12 Houses And their meanings.

  • Each individual House with further explanations.

Lesson 4

  • What to look for when looking at your Birth Chart.

  • How to interpret your Birth Chart.

For Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

Format (PDF or MP4) + Exclusive Course videos (YouTube)

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What's Your Rising Sign?

Knowing your Rising Sign, or Ascendent is important when reading your birth chart. Once you know, you can start to piece together a more realistic blueprint of your life. You can also learn vital tools to help you understand the past, navigate your present and your future. Find out your rising sign using the form below.


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