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Planetary Penny’s Written August 2020 Horoscope


Hey Aries. On the 3rd August you have a full moon in Aquarius in your eleventh house of hopes, wishes and social groups.  I have a feeling a dream you never thought would happen may show signs of bursting forth with life. This could be in the romantic department of your life as also on the 19th August a new moon in Leo in your fifth house of creativity, romance and children brings significant developments.  A new romance? Or planning a family with that special someone.

And as Mercury whizzes through your fifth house from the 6th to the 21st of August where the Leo new moon happens on the 19th, you’re going to get people talking and your inbox will be overflowing with people wondering what you’re up to. Let’s not forget that with your ruling planet Mars in your sign, the planet of action and swift decisions for the next six months you will be fired up to achieve the best for yourself in every department of your life. Woe betide people that get in your way!

Hey Taurus. With a full moon in Aquarius on the 3rd of August in your tenth house of your professional life and status in the world, it’s clear you’ve been devoting a lot of time to this area of your life especially with the big boys Saturn Pluto and Jupiter next door in Capricorn. They’ve been encouraging you to reach for the stars in your learning and development and not left much time for the significant relationships in your life. So this full moon is saying you’ve done brilliantly, let this area chug along on auto pilot whilst you turn your attention to that special person in your life.  Has he or she been feeling sidetracked lately?

The new moon in Leo on the 19th of August in your area of home and family suggests it’s time to make your loved one feel special. Some quality time with loved ones will enhance your feel good factor and give you a well deserved time out space. And let’s face it Taurus with Uranus in your sign for the next few years.  I think you’ll be surprising people with how much more flexible you can be and you can use this powerful Uranian energy to your advantage to surprise not only others but yourself too!

Hey Gemini. The full moon on the 3rd of August in Aquarius, and in your ninth house of travel, highlights a relationship with someone at a distance.  You’re missing each other and it seems, for now,  you will have to content yourselves with video chats to whisper those words of love.  But with the new moon on the 19th in Leo, that passion may be too hard to contain,  so you will make swift plans on how to sidestep the restrictions of the virus courtesy, of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter the big boys. And plan your escape.

Working with the passions of your 8th house, which you sometimes keep under wraps,  why don’t you embrace the energy of your eleventh house of hopes, wishes and dreams to manifest a more satisfying social life with your beloved by using the passion and action that Mars transiting Aries in your 11th house brings. Go for it Gemini. You deserve it.

Hey Cancer. Do you feel loved and appreciated? If not the full moon on the 3rd of August in Aquarius should bring a situation to a conclusion with regard to joint finances which will enable you and your significant loved one to take your foot off the accelerator and relax a bit and have some quality time together.

And the new moon on the 19th, in your second house of Leo, should see an improvement in your finances which will free up some funds to treat you and your loved one to some special pampering. The big boys may have slowed down in your 7th house of significant relationships but this should give you a breather from the stresses and strains of the last few months to take stock of what happens next.

The lovely planet Venus is moving into your first house Cancer on the 8th of the month, this will enhance your feel good factor you will be feeling radiant attractive and will definitely attract love into your life. And this might be someone you’ve not heard from for a while. Enjoy !

Hey Leo. The full moon on the 3rd of August is in Aquarius in your 7th house of the important person in your life. Are you planning on making it more permanent? If so it’s a perfect time to do so.  And if you’re currently single the full moon could change that. On the 19th August a new moon brings you new opportunities in your first house to work on your self worth and self esteem so that if you’ve been feeling a little jaded after months of lockdown you’ll be feeling physically and mentally better and in a much better place emotionally to focus on love. You’ll definitely be in the limelight this month.

Let’s not forget that with red hot Mars planet of action transiting your ninth house Aries of travel you’ll have very itchy feet and maybe want a trip away with your loved one.  And why not Leo! Make the most of this Martian energy as he will be in this part of your chart till the end of the year. Maybe a lockdown on a desert island is appealing Leo.

The lovely planet Venus is moving into your first house Cancer on the 8th of the month, this will enhance your feel good factor you will be feeling radiant attractive and will definitely attract love into your life. And this might be someone you’ve not heard from for a while. Enjoy !

Hey Virgo. There’s a full moon in Aquarius on the 3rd August in your sixth house of work, attention to  detail and doctors appointments.  If there’s a niggling health problem you’re not dealing with then the full moon is encouraging you to address it swiftly, and put your mind at rest. As when Venus the planet of love moves into Cancer on the 8th of August into your 11th house of hopes and wishes I suspect there will be a long overdue reunion with a loved one you’ve been separated from.  You need to be on top form for that Virgo.

The new moon in Leo on the 19th in your 12th house of your innermost feelings will see you having new opportunities together to forge a  better understanding. 

Mars our red hot planet of action is transiting your 8th house, Aries, until the end of the year.  Now the 8th house can be about transformation and also sex and passion.  It looks like there’s going to be some energetic catching up to do with someone special.

Hey Libra. The full moon on the 3rd August in your 5th house of romance and fun suggests you’ll be thinking about commitment to a special someone.  And if there’s no special someone that could change between this full moon and the next one.   Especially around the new moon on August 19th, in Leo,  in your 11th house of friends and hopes and wishes. You’ll certainly be giving people something to talk about with Mercury in the same house during the middle of the month.

Mars in your 7th house of significant relationships ruled by Aries will certainly spice up your love life. Whether this is an existing relationship, new relationship or if you’re single and looking, then between now and the end of the year whilst Mars transits your 7th house there’s every possibility you’ll meet that special someone. Phew! It’s likely to get hot and steamy. Make sure you’re taking some energy supplements Libra.

Hey Scorpio. The full moon in Aquarius in your 4th house of home sheds light on significant changes.  Someone moves in ? Or someone moves out. Either way it was a needed solution.

Whereas the new moon, in Leo, on August 19th in your 10th house of status and career tells me any ideas you have about branching out in your career you should be taken up, as they have every chance of success.

And now for the very interesting part ! Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, turns retrograde in your 7th house on August 15th.  Now the 7th house is about the significant relationship in your life, and Uranus brings unexpected events, decisions, breakups and reunions. Maybe someone, you’d given up on, comes back into your life and this upsets the proverbial apple cart.  It could also see you making surprising decisions that affect your beloved. Enjoy the unpredictability! It could all turn out far better than you’d ever imagined.

Hey Sagittarius. August 3rd brings a Full Moon in your 3rd house, Aquarius, this brings completion to any outstanding documents or legal papers that need to be signed. And the New Moon on August 19th in your 9th house of travel sees you desperate for anything other than a staycation. Let’s hope the big boys Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter don’t hold things up for you again as they’re prone to cause disruptions whilst they tidy up in Capricorn before heading for calmer skies.

With Venus the planet of love and attraction still transiting your 7th house of significant relationships.  I suspect you’ve been having a pretty nice time with your beloved and if you’ve not got a special someone then Venus will have been giving you opportunities to meet someone.  But it’s always up to us, and whether we take advantage of these chances.  But on August 9th Venus moves into Cancer in your 8th house so if you have met someone I think it will quickly move from cozy chats to passionate steam rooms. And hey!  Even existing relationships can do with some creative passion.

Hey Capricorn. The Full Moon in Aquarius in your 2nd house on August 3rd brings completion to an outstanding investment or property situation enabling you to sit back and enjoy some New Moon in Leo in your 8th house of seduction and passion. That’s from the 19th! And Venus in Gemini in your 6th house is preparing to go into your 7th house early this month to bring her charm and attraction into your significant relationships If you’re single that can bring a new love or enhance an existing partnership.

Now with Uranus in your 5th house of love and romance you’ve got everything on your side to ignite the flames of love in surprising and unexpected ways, and this influence carries on for quite a few years.  When Uranus goes retrograde on the 15th it might be you going through your contact list of past loves, loved and lost and considering surprising them with a call. Think they’ll like what they discover as you’ve undergone huge changes to who you are and how you think courtesy of our big boys Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Just think what you’ve achieved in personal growth over the last few years.  You deserve some fun and dreams coming true now.

Hey Aquarius. The sun is now in your 7th house of significant relationships so this month sees you giving more attention to your loved one and enjoying some fun times together.  If you’re single the Leo New Moon on the 19th in this part of your chart says you should take every opportunity to meet new people as you may soon find yourself part of a significant duo

The Full Moon on August 3rd lights up your first house of Aquarius and allows you to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve transformed yourself whilst the big boys have been hanging out in your 12th house of your hidden self.  Even though Saturn and Jupiter come into your sign at the end of the year, Pluto hangs out for many more years in Capricorn in your 12th house allowing that inner transformation to just grow and grow.

Mars in your 3rd house of Aries and short distance travel and communication has you wanting to hook up with a romantic love at a distance. You’re fed up with video chats and want the real thing.  But don’t worry as Mars will be continuing to energise your travel wishes until the end of the year.

Hey Pisces. Let’s look at this months Full Moon in your 12th house on the 3rd August. An ‘ah ha’ moment as new discoveries about yourself brighten your inner world.  And when Venus  moves into your 5th house of fun, play and romance early on in the month. You at last have time for a well earned catch up with friends full of laughter, romance and fun with a capital  ‘F’. What’s not to like?  Well when the New Moon happens on August 19th in your 6th house. Mercury our quick thinking planet of communication will have sparked off some innovative ideas for you and I suspect you’ll be quite happy to crack on with some work ideas even though the holidays not quite over.

By the time Mercury has arrived in your 7th house a bit later in the month there’ll be time for quality communication and discussion with your significant relationships. And you can spend a bit more time relaxing and chilling. Just watch your spending as with Mars in Aries in your second house of money and possessions you may find short term extravagance comes at a price.  Mars is here till the end of the year so practice mindful accounting.

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