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June 2021

My story

Brought up in London England. I’ve  had a varied career path which has richly contributed to my work with people who may be struggling with issues ranging from anxiety and depression, to relationship and general life and spiritual guidance, and understanding who we are.

After training as an actor at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art I enjoyed a brief career in the music world singing under the pseudonym of Abigail Browne, I enjoyed success with a single Guava Jelly but became increasingly disillusioned with the artificial life of a recording artist and the fact that the music business were only interested in selling me as a “product” rather than vocal talent.

At this point I began working as a trainee money broker in the City a job for which I was totally unsuited and found for me by my despairing father ! I even spent a year in New York with the New York office of the brokers I was employed by.

Returning to London I went into therapy with a Jungian Analyst and through this process decided I would like to train as a Psychotherapist. I embarked on the long journey of self discovery through my training as a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist at the Association of Group and Individual psychotherapy.  An eclectic training over 5 years in Freud, Klein and Jung.  My desire to understand myself  better through the process of psychotherapy was the best course of action for me to have taken as I finally found my life purpose and my own healing, through working  on myself  and working with others. I also completed the BACP accreditation for Counselling.

Alongside my work as a therapist my spiritual life and understanding grew through various workshops and courses as I firmly believe we cannot ignore our souls development and how important it is to find our own inner spiritual truth.

This has led to my professional life changing considerably to create my own personal way of helping clients to feel empowered and to know and understand their truth.  Hence my passion for Astrology combined with Psychology. Also my incorporation into my work of my understanding of the magic of life through the works of Metaphysicians such as the late Florence Scovel Shinn.

An accredited EFT practioner and Reiki Master I now live and work in Gozo the small sister Island to Malta in the Mediterranean. Where apart from personal one to one sessions with clients I run psychic and self development workshops with a colleague and teach to Master Level Usui Reiki.

Insured with Balen’s International and  VAT registered (exempt)